My Approach





Booking a specific Wedding Videographer can make a huge difference to the outcome of your day & Wedding film.

Story Telling is the name of the game! A team of two to cover your video needs, you can be ensured you have a huge amount of experience who have previously worked with some of the best Wedding film makers in Australia. As your big day approaches, our aim is to create a personalised experience ensuring no x2 films are the same, so I can truly tell your story in the most authentic way possible.

I like to get to know each & every couple I shoot for, before & during your Wedding, helping you feel comfortable throughout the entirety of your Wedding journey. Not only does it add a sleek and sophisticated touch to your film, but you will have a personalised story to tell & enjoy a ‘stress free’ experience.

Wedding Videography Geelong & Melbourne

Rachael & Tom

The Peak - Lorne




Have faith in knowing everything is covered in the Tangible film package with x10 hours coverage covered by x1 videographer.

Your Ceremony, Speeches & any other moments from the day will be included in your Showcase & Tangible USB, you will have access to all of this along with a beautifully crafted extended Wedding Film via a handmade leather envelope..

Travel is free Victoria-wide with this package option.

- No Travel fee

- x1 Videographer

- Full Day Coverage (10 Hours)

- Beautifully Crafted Wedding film (Average 5-7 minutes)

- x3 Tier Social Highlight Reel

- Raw Ceremony, Speeches & Other Important Moments

- Completely licensed Music

- Online Showcase link

- Tangible Envelope & USB






With x8 hours coverage, your day is covered in this Deluxe film package. Captured by x1 videographer, With your Ceremony & Speeches included, you will have access to all of this along with a beautifully crafted extended wedding film via your interactive online digital/downloadable Showcase. 

Travel Fee may be included.

- 25km Travel Included

- x1 Videographer

- x8 Hours Coverage

- Beautifully Crafted Wedding film (Average 4-6 minutes)

- x3 Tier Social Highlight Reel

- Raw Ceremony & Speeches

- Completely licensed Music

- Online Showcase link

Ben & Angelique

Terindah Estate - Bellarine




With x6 hours coverage, you get to specify where this begins & what you would like specifically captured on the day. With a meeting before hand, you will be able to specify what moments are important to you & what you would like filmed throughout the day. This film with be viewable via an interactive online digital/downloadable link. 

Travel Fee may be included.

- 25km Travel Included

- x1 Videographer

- x6 Hours Coverage

- Beautifully crafted Wedding film (3-5 minutes)

- x3 Tier Social Highlight Reel

- Raw Ceremony

- Online Showcase link

- Completely licensed Music


Bellbrae Harvest - Bellbrae




Genuine SUPER 8 filming available on your Wedding day!

For couples that love a vintage vibe and just want to have some unpolished authentic memories, Super 8 is your answer. This can either be incorporated into your wedding film & package or, a stand alone edit with additional film added. You will also receive your Super 8 raw moments included in your online Showcase.

Please enquire for more information if this is something that interests you....

The process

How your Wedding Film happens...

Keeping your wedding Videography process simple and straightforward, here is what you can expect.



Let’s get to know each other! A meeting is scheduled with you & your partner to discuss your plans & day you have in mind. Once ready to make things official, an $800 deposit is required to lock out your date. From here, your Portal link will be sent to you which will have your Invoice, Questionnaires & Contract attached.


45 Days Prior

Check in from my end to see how things are travelling. Finalise your balance & complete your wedding portal.







7 Days Prior

One last check-in call is made from my end to finalize your run sheet for the day & make sure we are all on the same page with everything.






Your Wedding Day & post

Arrival is made on our agreed-upon time, make some magic & get to work on your film. Delivery of your Wedding Film is generally between 3-8 weeks depending on the time of the year.


How do we contact you?

You can either use the contact form on this website, or email me at

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm Geelong based in Victoria Australia and yes I love to travel! If you want me to photograph your story, it may require a travel fee depending on your package.

When will we get our film?

Delivery of your film is 4-8 weeks (Time of the year dependant).

We would like to book Photo & film for our day, is there a package deal?

If both services are booked, a dedicated team member/videographer will work alongside me for the day, all post edits are conducted via myself ensuring the same quality & style across both.
There is no discount for booking both services. They are treated as two separate individual services & remain at their current prices.

Where can we find your other photography work?

You can find me on instagram via

Booking your date

I require a $800 deposit per package to secure your wedding booking. This amount is not refundable in the event of cancellation. Your wedding date will not be 100% secured until deposit is paid and invoices are sent.

Do you offer additional hours?

Yes absolutely, if more hours are needed, this is an calculated at $200 additional per hour.

Can we meet you before we book you?

Absolutely! Facetime or Zoom appointments are made prior to booking.

It is the day of my wedding and I have decided I need a longer session, what do I do?

I try to be as flexible as possible with my time. Just talk to me on the day and we will work something out.

I don’t know how to pose? I’m going to look awkward!

I got you! Trust the process, I do this for a living :P

Should we provide a meal at reception for Jacob?

During your wedding day, I am on my feet the whole time, running around like a mad thing to make sure I get all the photos. It’s extremely tiring and my energy wears thin as the day goes on! As a result, it is hugely appreciated that I get some sort of food if I am there when everyone else is eating. I am a Ninja!

Any dietary requirements?

I eat everything

What are colour graded videos?

Like photos, your video will be colour graded ensuring all clips are matching as lighting can vary from shot to shot. There is a lot more work that goes into video with sound, movement audio recordings ect.

Can I edit the Video myself?

In short, no. The Video's I take represent me as a brand, and having anyone else edit this takes away from that. If you have any additional editing requirements let me know and I will help you out.

Do you provide raw footage?

Again, no. My edits represent me as a brand & my style. This is ultimately the reason you have chosen me, trust the process :)

Is Super 8 available as a stand-alone product or add on?

Both, this can be added onto a photo package, incorporated into a Wedding film or as a stand alone booking.